About Us

Vitality Health Centre

We live in a consumer-based society. A society fueled by technology, in which people have long ignored the need to take care of themselves, in place of the next best technological anything. Being conditioned to accept this mindset of consumerism makes a society feel healthy, while consuming their problems in some product; thus, creating a zombie-like effect of buying to feel alive. The health issues and accompanying symptoms may be alleviated immediately when focused only on the condition and/or symptoms. However, the root cause of such conditions might be missed altogether, temporarily alleviated, or, even made worse. This consumerism mindset when applied to health encompasses everything from vitamins and supplements to generic painkillers.

Vitality Health Centre's mission is to help each patient developan awareness and consciousness of themselves to discover the root or reason for their health problems. True understandingis the first step in truly and genuinely curing oneself. When treating a person in their totality, the results are immeasurable.

Rodolfo E Rivas combines cutting-edge lifestyle management methods with homeopathic medicine and nutritional practices dating back hundreds of years; thus, providing a comprehensive mental, emotional, and physical health recovery for every person. It is a system easily adopted by everyone truly interested in bettering their health from inside out.


Optimum Health

Optimum health is based on the individual developing a relationship with their consciousness, and achieving honesty and intimacy with themselves. Every human being has a different set of principles and external circumstances shaping their awareness and perceptions. In a society which is obsessed with consumerism and external stimulation, we, as people, have lost touch with our inner self and consciousness. Most of us do not know how to truly make ourselves happy, or how to find peace within our daily lives. Many of us make use of coffee, sugar, alcohol, designer or brand anything, the internet, or the latest app available to make us feel alive or increase our perceived value as a person. These external stimulants contribute to a feeling of internal mailaise which may lead to displacement of our true identity, leading to disease and health problems. Optimum health begins by forsaking the "noise" of the external world and toxic stimuli, and turning to looking within the indivual’s inner self to identify what constitutes their our consciousness.

Rodolfo E. Rivas looks at the individual in their totality as human beings, by identifying each person’s unique characteristics that reveal their individuality. Then, a program is created according to that person's lifestyle and needs, addressing all the four aspects of a human being: physical, mental, emotional and consciousness. A combination of methods, including homeopathy, nutrition, and lifestyle management, will be brought together to enableeach individual achieve their optimum health.