First Visit

What to expect for your first visit with a Registered Homeopath?

Homeopathy is a holistic method of medicine, which means that your Homeopath may ask you lots of open-ended questions regarding your health and disease history. Please do not worry about being judged and answer the questions as detailed as possible.

Those questions serve to get the answers or information your Homeopath needs to understand the nature of your disease, and how it is manifesting in your body. Some questions are about the Location of your pain or symptoms, Sensation of the pain (sharp, dull, pressure etc.) or other symptoms, Modalities such as what makes it better or worst, and Concomitant signs such as other accompanying symptoms.It is crucial for your Homeopath to understand the language your body is using to expresswhat is going on with it.

This deep and personalized step makes things very interesting. In some case the etiology of your physical symptoms may originate from one or several other signs & symptoms which have been suppressed by previous medications or treatments. Examples of these suppressions: suppressing physical pain with painkillers,chronic infections with long-term use of low-dose antibiotics, past injuries, emotional traumas, family predispositions, environmental toxins, and toxins that have accumulated in your body over time.

Here are four areas your Registered Homeopath may ask you about, and their importance.

Homeopathic medicines are recognized and regulated in Ontario since 2015 and are scheduled in the United States' Homeopathic Pharmacopeia. All homeopathic medicines are prepared following the highest quality standards and are manufactured by established pharmaceutical companies under strict DIN numbers, as with all other drugs in Canada.

  • Manifestation of your physical symptoms and their order of manifestation in your body:
    History of the signs and symptoms: what the symptoms are, when the symptoms started and how, which symptoms manifested first or last, intensity and frequency of symptoms, treatments received if any, etc.

  • Environmental factor that may have contribute to your conditions:External and Internal environments.
    Emotionally and/or traumatic events, any mental health issues.

  • Nutritional or Malnutrition that may be a factor to your body development and deterioration:
    The accumulation of heavy mentals, the consumption of pesticides, herbicides, food sensitivities and allergens, over consumption of process foods.

  • Quality and quantity of Sleep and the manifestation of stress or Distress in your life.

As you can expect, the first consultation may take from 90 to 120 minutes of a truly personalizedholistic medicine experience. No symptom isignored, even if it may appear as insignificant or non-relevant. Non-judgment of your conditions/disease, lifestyle, or personal character will ever be made-since this can also be a manifestation of your condition.

Homeopathy is truly a personalized and holistic system of medicine that considers every aspect of your life to determine a treatment program based solely on your history of your disease or condition.