Cardiovascular Health

What is truly a Healthy Heart?

Having a truly healthy heart is not just to having regular blood pressure. Having a truly healthy heart means also to have good circulation and elasticity of your arteries, besides having regular blood pressure.

What is OmegaScore?

The OmegaScore® is a very strong indicator of the risk for sudden cardiac death, based on published studies from the Harvard School of Public Health in the New England Journal of Medicine. Furthermore, a high OmegaScore® is related to a reduced risk for “All Cause mortality” and cognitive deterioration with aging.

We also offer OmegaScore® Personalized Omega 3 that includes EPA, DHA and DPA. As well, all the results are provided to you in a easy to interpret report.

By treating people in their totality physically, mentally, and emotionally; the results achieved with the personalized treatment plan are remarkable.