Depression and Mood disorder

Depression and Mood disorder are the language your body uses to tell you that it is NOT functioning at the optimal level.

We all have had times when our body does not respond the way we wanted to, especially when we are under acute or chronic stress. Acute stress can easily turn into chronic stress depending on our constitution, the nurturing of our body and how we learn to deal with stress. When our body and mind are NOT in harmony, we tend to think that we just need to be more disciplined or need more supplements and medications to silence the symptoms our body is manifesting.

We can all appreciate that we all have circumstance which are easy for to resolve; but sometimes, most of us must work hard to develop resilience to overcome the obstacles or circumstances.

This ability to become more resilient is what has helped us, as species to overcome natural challenges, diseases, wars, personal tragedies. However, when we as individuals do not have the proper social or family support, have suffered from malnutrition and a disempowering environment growing up, did not have the correct guidance or technology; then, the constant wear and tear is heightened and can really deplete our body. Thus, making us less resilient.

How do we become more resilient?

We become more resilient by overcoming our own limitations and deficiencies we currently have. Those deficiencies could be Nutritional deficiencies, or the lack of proper guidance and support system.

One misconception is that taking time to rest is a sign of weakness. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Taking time to relax and rejuvenate is part of the recovery; as well as, rebuilding of our sleep, managing physical pain and energy, emotional and nutritional balancing.

The cause of your depression is NOT a deficiency of an antidepressant. It is the result of over-taxing your body and not having the key nutrients to keep your body (hormones) working at its optimal. One cannot expect to fully recover just by taking an antidepressant. We all need time to relax, rebuild with the proper nutrients, and gentle physical activity. It is always helpful if we have a support network of people to support us along the way.

Vitality Health Centre employs many tools and techniques to assist you in overcoming your depression and mood disorders. When you address the symptoms at the roots, and with the correct tools, then we can expect greater results that are measurable and predictable.

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