Rodolfo E. Rivas is a registered Homeopath with over 20 years of practicing experience. He is a graduated from the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine in 1998 with honors. Through the practive of homeopathy he has realized the power of the human body to heal itself from the inside out.

Mr. Rivas primary philosophy that he uses in assesing all his cases is the idea of the vital force with in each and every human. Commonly refered to as CHI, KI, or PRANA it is the flow of energy between the mind, emotions and body. He belives that it is when this energy is out of balance that disease begins to arise. Mr.Rivas will help you asses which aspects of your life are draining your vital force and how to bring it back to balnce using nutrition, sleep, exercise and social interations.

In Mr. Rivas practive he will assess not only your physical needs but the mental and emotional needs that are at the root of the problem. Mr. Rivas strives not to just heal your outward symptoms and sickness, but heal you from the inside to prevent any further health complcations.

Mr. Rivas specializes in cardiovascular disese, sleep disorders, diabetes, weight loss and pediatrics. With a vast amount of knowledge and experience treating patients, you can be assured the best possible care in preventative health care.



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