What is Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test?

A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test is done by obtaining a tablespoon of hair, preferably from your head or facial hair. The test analyzes about 60 minerals in your body, with an accuracy of about 3%, the same as blood and other tissue analysis standards.

Minerals are considered the body's spark plugs because it helps enzymes break down and produce building blocks of physical reality, including our body and plants. With the present state of our soil, it's a known fact that most farmers only use Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium NPK as a form of fertilizers to stimulate the plant to grow tall and robust. Unfortunately, it does not mean that fruits and vegetables produced have all the necessary minerals the human body needs to function optimally. Even, organic farming does not replace the minerals that are needed for your body to function correctly.

With the current situation in agriculture, it is a well-known fact that many toxic chemicals and heavy metals are abundant in our every-day environment. When our bodies cannot eliminate those toxins, they tend to accumulate leading to a deficiency of energy or further deterioration of our tissues and organs. Thus, by analyzing mineral imbalances and correcting them, we can correct a variety of physical, mental, and emotional conditions. Minerals are essential to the good health of our bodies.

A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test is your first step towards reclaiming your health and vitality.

More about Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test has been used in forensic pathologies and forensic investigations to determine the cause of death or malfunction in the body.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test does not diagnose the conditions you may be suffering from; it simply tells you the toxicity levels, over secretion or deficiency affecting your body. It also looks at minerals that you may not be absorbed well, or that may be secreted at abnormal levels leading to the development of different pathologies or conditions.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test provides a tremendous amount of information about our body’s chemical state, and not about disease, which is often given name for symptoms. For example, the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test results indicate a high level of inflammation markers. This inflammation can manifest in conditions such as arthritis, gastritis, iritis, and many others.

Another example, the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis results indicate high calcium levels which can settle down in soft tissues resulting in calcium deposits, which, can be manifested as conditions such as arteriosclerosis, arthritis, spondylitis, bursitis, gallstones, kidney stones, and many more.

What can be done with the results of your Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis?

  • 1) Your Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis results can reveal many lifestyle changes needed to bring your body into balance. These challenges could be adrenal overexertion, unhappy relationships, unhealthy environments, disbalance from medications, recreational drugs, and cosmetics.

  • 2) Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis can also detect dietary problems like too much aluminum from large fish, too many proteins, excessive carbohydrate intake, overconsumption of soda or carbonated drinks.

  • 3) Your Metabolic Body Type can be determined. It can help to understand many of your symptoms and guide the clinician to prescribe the correct mineral supplement programme within your personalized treatment plan.

4) Your energy and vitality levels are crucial in developing an efficient treatment plan just for you. Vitality is one of the most basic healing principles, by correctly evaluating your Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis results, we can determine the duration and proper dosage of supplementations required for a full recovery. The restoration of one’s biochemical or adapted power is a key to healing.

5) Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis can determine your glandular and organ activity, by revealing your thyroid, adrenal hormones, and cellular functions. It can also give you an indication of the health of your liver, kidneys, and stomach acid.

6) Stress, psychological and emotional state: Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis can offer a window to the causes of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, attention-deficit disorders, brain fog, and even schizophrenia. The results of the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test can show how minerals can affect the course of treatment of these conditions. It can also reveal if you had trauma and how your body has learned to adapt to it. The personalized treatment plan developed by your clinician will focus on treating these conditions at a deep level.